Craig’s Vision

I’m Craig Cameron, candidate for US Congress for the 7th District of Illinois. I am asking for your support for my campaign and for your vote on   November 6,  2018.

Our neighborhoods aren’t as safe as they were when I was a child. Parents fear allowing their children to play outside, and a criminal element has claimed our communities. My vision is to join forces with my fellow Chicagoan’s to build a better future for our city.

Our Representatives in Washington have learned through experience that if anything is to get done in the capital city, we need leaders who are willing to reach across the aisle to engage individuals who don’t act or think like themselves. Likewise, if we are going to be the best Chicago we can be, we have to build together. It is time for a new generation of leaders to take the reigns.

As a public servant, I will work to bring jobs back to America and put Chicagoans back to work. I will also promote safer communities, protect our borders, and work across the aisle to fix the broken health care system. We need to put the power back into the hands of the citizens and reduce the size of government. American people want a hand up, not a hand out!